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One of the main purposes of the club is to highlight the importance of mental health and spread awareness about it. We also work to remove negative stigma attached to mental health. We not only help people who are a part of the club but also provide them with proper tools and resources to help others in need. 

The 3 E's define the purpose of our club:



understand and evaluate mental health cohesively and have a holistic understanding of it

Being empathetic towards other people and having the correct tools to help others in tough situations and being empathetic towards oneself through self-care


To have free tools of creative expression

SPS's 10 pillars of Mental Health Clubs:

What do SPS Clubs do?

Raising Awareness

The first step towards increasing emotional well being is being aware about it, being educated about mental health and how its supposed to be actively taken care of by removing the sitgma attached to it.

Promoting mental health resources and help seeking behaviour

This is to promote and increase access to already existing mental health resources like school counsellors and increase the trends of seeking help when in need.

Creating a network of support

Emphasizes creating and having access to a social system of support that can be reached out to whenever in distress.

Normalizing And inculcating Self-care

Self-care is necessary!

And everyone should know how to include it in our routines.


We encourage students to create long lasting policy and structural changes in their schools to create  a positive impact on the schools mental health, so that they can leave a legacy that impacts many.


Encouraging Mindful living

Being awarene of what you're directly experiencing through your senses, or to your state of mind through your thoughts and emotions is essential. Its helps in understanding ourselves better.

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Fundraising can be used to raise funds for  many different organizations who need support to make a positive impact, and helps us reach out to people who need help the most.

Encouraging self-expression in a judgement free atmosphere

Mental health and self expression are very entangled. Our club aums at providing an open and safe platform for people o be their own authentic self, and express themselves in various forms.

Fostering resilience and healthy coping mechanisms

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Using healthy coping mechanisms and building reliience emotionally can be an excellent prevention strategy to help us cope with challenges better.

Inculcating healthy habits and mindsets

In a world where countless unrealistic standards are placed on us, the club aims to develpt a healthy mindset in terms of beauty standards, body positivity, burnouts along with implementing healthy habits like actionable self-care and good quality sleep into our lives.

Our club activities revolve around 5 themes under the 10 pillars:

Awareness Raising

Share Further

Fun engagements

Taking Action

School wide campaigns

Dialogue, and Insight

Gather Support

Involve the mass
Campaign and raise awareness using fun accessible initiatives


Personal Scale
Insight from Expiriences


Let go
Social enagements
Overall happiness

Image by Dan Meyers

Who can join?

Any student who wants to make a difference in their school/college is welcome!

White Sheet

How to do form a SPS Club?

Form a team of at least 3 people and a teacher mentor

Get approved by the school authorities

Publicise and recruit members

Hold sessions and campaigns

We help and guide you through the whole process, you are provided with resources, guides and a whole list of organized activities you can explore.

Start a Spark the Spirit Club in your school now!

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