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FastCAD H3D v.1.1.5, 07/1/2014. Developed by Dassault Systèmes. Description: CATIA is a multi-platform software suite for computer-aided design (CAD), computer-aided manufacturing (CAM), and computer-aided engineering (CAE). The basic package includes a 3D solid modeler and a CATIA 2D Drafting module. The solid modeler allows for the creation and manipulation of two- and three-dimensional solid shapes by using geometric and engineering techniques. The engineer can apply the design process to any part of the solid, whether physical or virtual. Finally, the CATIA Bridge module allows for the integration of mechanical, structural, and electrical (electronic) interfaces to parts created with CATIA. Key features include: Solid modeling: Represents the "physical part" of the design. Creating solid models with CATIA allows the engineer to create complex, three-dimensional, solid objects. Design automation: Allows the creation of a complete design from a CAD environment. Fully interactive graphical environment: Allows the user to explore the design process and to see its results instantaneously. Other features: Unmatched flexibility: Full interoperability between different CAD systems and between CAE and CAD. Export/import of all CATIA data files. Geometric cataloging: Allows the identification of the various faces, edges, and vertices of the solid model, by using CATIA natively-recognized labels. Live animation: Allows the user to rotate the solid model, and to view, for example, a finished product or a tool path. Support for 3D STL and 2D DXF file formats. New High Performance Mathematics library, consisting of over 11.000 procedures and functions. New RTT toolbox. New features: Designer-centric functionality has been greatly enhanced with the introduction of numerous new operations, as well as a complete revamp of existing functionality. Dynamic filtering of the BOM, and dimensional consistency checks, for example, help to ensure that the structural BOM meets the dimensional standards of the part’s physicality, and that the functional BOM follows the dimensional consistency rules for the assembly. Designers can check the consistency of their drawings and parts to the part's dimensional standards, and perform other various checks to




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Catia V5 R22 Crack

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