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Le' Third Session

Boosting up our sessions and gaining more confidence, we gave them a likely and an important situation to handle where we asked them to tell how they would help their friend who is talking about depression and dark thoughts and then we checked up on them if they had completed the previous challenge or not, luckily many did. And then giving them a new kindness challenge where we did not ask them to do something for the humans but for the animals and asked them to feed a pigeon or a squirrel by placing a bowl of grains in a balcony, to be honest animals deserve more than we give them, both emotionally and mentally. The sight of such cute creatures can melt anyone’s heart, (so many AWWs) as a result, all the pics they sent us while feeding them made us feel very delighted and the sight of those animals must have improved the mood of the person who fed them as well as of the person who witnessed those heavenly squirrels(all hail the supreme sire, the squirrels!) For an icebreaker we played personality charades and acted out various personality traits that made us...well, us. We continued with Expresso, and the art group made various mental health monsters(they were really cool) which gave having monsters under your bed head, a totally different meaning. The theatre group was making a play and the creative writing group explored the connection of creative expression for mental health. In the end we played a really cool game called "We are not really strangers" which you can access at

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