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Le' Sixth Session

Ah the long lived art of Simon Says. Since eons our ancestors have practiced this truly magnificent... Wait, what’s the ancient term for fun activity break?. Assuming I remembered the word and described it like a 15000 year old immortal who’s nostalgic about the good old days, it worked wonderfully. There was a lot of laughter and defending involved along the lines of “I totally raised my hand, no really, see my internet is slow so my camera’s lagging”, “We can see you perfectly well right now”, ‘ * proceeds to talk and gesture in slow motion * “..... didn’t work but A+ for effort. After this we made our members aware about ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). We showed them videos, explained it to them and had an overall good discussion. Of course then we had our kindness challenge check in once again and we’re so proud of all of you out there, we feel like proud mama hens (tell me if anyone gets the reference from B99 and knows that I do realize we’re humans). Further came the expresso once again and by this time, the members had really opened up to us. As part of the kindness challenge we told them to give an unexpected hug to a family member. This increases love and positivity between the relation of two family members and it will surely make them happy and loved as that one hug includes all the past events for which they would like to thank their family members for (of course don't try to run into the person and knock them out ,this isn't WWE. It seems like common sense but you’d be surprised ). With that warning we ended our session (yes we’re still firm on the fact that you lost the game, don't worry there aren't any winners or losers in life but there are in Simon says and you lost the game)

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