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Le' Seventh Session

First came the icebreaker...take a guess....* drumroll * this is a blog so I don’t know but assuming you guessed it right yep! Writing prompts! BA DUM TUSH (that was the end of the drumroll by the way, no it's not lame). Well..writing prompts, who doesn’t love them? (Saying no is not an option) and well these ones were pretty freestyle and creative. So the members could really open up and no one was judging of course. After what I can only call a gathering of a beautiful variety of thoughts and some jokes (chocolate is in fact the meaning of life, I'm not wrong) we moved on to our next activity “Coping cards'’. The name pretty much explains itself but well we had the members write down their coping strategies and share them with us. The discussion that followed was....comforting. At that point, we really understood one another and empathized with each other. Then came a video about mindfulness which basically taught us to not start screaming and panicking at inconveniences in a very insightful way and of course taught us how to deal with these strong aggressive emotions we have.

This was then followed by guided meditation which everyone performed and it really calmed the nerves down, something you should definitely practice before resorting to attempting to burn books down before an exam (we’ve all been there). For another activity we had a whistle while you work, where we played diverse music and had everyone clear their mind and just draw whatever they wanted to, just move their hands on paper however they felt like. Many found it to be soothing and calming so that’s good! Then finally the kindness challenge! It asked the members to ask for help which seems like something simple yet most of us have the hardest time doing it, no? We also recommended sharing with each other what works for you when you’re stressed. That doesn’t mean it would work for them too but hey worth a try! Then my personal favorite part, quotes! (Quotes are amazing alright? You can’t tell me otherwise) we shared two moving inspirational quotes which everyone loved and that’s how we ended the session (of course there was a lot of enthusiastic waving involved). So well overall it was a pretty amazing session and personally, I had a lot of fun. QUOTES RULE

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