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Le' Ninth Session

So this session was based on burnouts, a nightmare majority of us are facing right now. It’s basically the lack of motivation to anything, feeling unproductive, wanting to throw your laptop out the window….sounds fun, huh? Of course, there’s the icebreaker again (which once again wasn't the spy training…* deep suffering sigh *) a one-minute speech about what would you do if you were the president of the country (driving people out and making it a dog country is perfectly logical okay?). So we discussed burnouts, the symptoms, the difference between burnouts and stress, and ways to deal with them like balancing work with fun, having small goals for yourself, using post its and giving yourself a break because guess what? You deserve it. Then we had a crossword puzzle about mental health which was really a lot of fun. With our kindness challenge, it was to find a hobby or continue with one and give some time to it every day, preferably not involving electronics because online classes are enough. (does daydreaming about fictional characters count? Well preferably do something else, which reminds me that the fangirl partner position is open for anyone who’s looking). Well, it was an amazing session and I’m gonna get working on the dog populated country.

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