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Le' Fourth Session

Another delightful session where most of the members had already shown us their work for the kindness challenges and we thought to have a look at those pics once again, after all, they were really adorable. Like every other session we gave them a kindness challenge here too but this time it was different from the others. We told them to cook a dish for their family and send us a pic of the dish they made. This challenge demanded the members be kind to themselves as cooking is a skill which will surely come useful in the future, or you could say we encouraged some of them to make something other than Maggi. We got a whooping response for this kindness challenge and the photos of the dishes our club members made were looking extremely tasty and mouth-watering. We also spread an announcement in which we told them that they are going to lead the club after us and the leaders will be decided by us as we will be assessing them throughout the sessions we conduct, pretty sure the princes in the old times were also not too competent to become the heir. We also continued with expresso and the groups developed a sense of their expresso projects and were really excited about it! As an icebreaker we played 20 questions, where participants guess an object by asking just a limited number of questions about it. We later had a fun round of Pictionary which everyone loved(who doesn't love drawing weird stuff and laughing as the others fail to guess it)

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