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Le' First Session

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Starting off with our club. On our first day, we introduced the audience to the flow of the meeting so that they get prepared for all the upcoming sessions. We started with an icebreaker called rose, thorn bud(pretty sure the thorns destroyed the ice). We provided them with a brief introduction to our club and told them about the registration procedure in case people they know want to join the club and they can brief them about the same along with our plan for future and some interesting school wide campaigns which many people were really excited about. We also gave them a kindness challenge in which we told them to write a short and kind note to someone special. We also informed them that these challenges are optional to do but we still recommend them to do so, however, we don’t force anyone to share their work for the kindness challenge, wonder if someone does not do it and tells us they have done it??? (detective mode on)

Then it was big brain time! We used the quiz results from the interest meetings on prompts like genies asking each other wishes and ended up learning alot about how empathy can be a reason for solidarity and how communication and talking about conflicts is really helpful(wasn't that genie-ous)Then we proceeded to the responses about the crippling case of a villains OCD in a fantasy land and out of those interesting answers we were able to eliminate assumptions and stereotypes and understand cohesively about OCD(In this case the full form of OCD could be Overpoweringly Captivating Discussion ;)

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