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Le' Fifth Session

As weeks were going by, sessions were passing by too * sniff * we’ve..we’ve come so far * sniff * . I just want to thank * sniff * thank- yeah fine I’ll cut it out. Well, we had another hit session (not a surprise). It started with the icebreaker which was a quiz which really helped us get to know them better (there was some serious intense discussion between Percy Jackson and Harry Potter fans). Then of course we had our kindness challenge check in where we had another look at some of the best dishes made by our club members (do not hesitate to send some of those, we’re all foodies here) . We displayed the ones which we thought were the best, wish I could eat them (* sigh *). Then of course came the expresso (the genius idea where we help them learn through their interests).

These smaller groups helped with personal bonding between us and the members. We then gave them another kindness challenge which was something that can bring a huge smile on the faces of millions. We told them to write a kind note for small children diagnosed with severe illnesses and are fighting for their life. One single note can provide them with a ray of hope and can make them realize that there are many people who they don’t even know but still are praying for their welfare. It was heartening to see that a lot of people had accepted this challenge and presented it in such a beautiful way. Once again the session ended with the totally not copied from the internet thank you slide.

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