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Le' Eighth Session

This was one of our most compassionate and heartwarming sessions. Once again yes the ice breaker. Do I really have to mention this EVERY TIME? matter moving on, the ice breaker was “I SPY”. No, we didn't train everyone to become secret agents who would rebel against the government, that would have been cool though.

Can we do that next session? No? * gets an actual puppy to do puppy eyes * STILL NO? WHAT ARE YOU? MONSTERS? Yeah, fine ill sulk later. Right so coming back to the topic, in I SPY everyone was divided into break-out rooms where they switched off their camera for 5 minutes and made some changes in their surroundings and the others had to guess what they were. It was pretty good including a lot of “NO YOU DIDNT CHANGE THAT!”, “I can't believe I missed that”, ‘Muskaan you’re amazing at this game!” (yes I am truly fantastic). Then onto the main thing, we had our pallet wall where we asked everyone to write things they hate and love about themselves, it was assured that the responses would be anonymous. Everyone really opened up and that showed how much burden we all carry and how we’re all looking for some support and encouragement, I mean who doesn’t want some source of comfort? This session had the ‘shoulder to lean on’ essence to it and it was…wonderful. Later we had discussions based on these and everyone really uplifted each other. We discussed why our flaws are considered flaws and how we can learn to love ourselves We then discussed self-care and left everyone with the kindness challenge that was to follow a self-care routine. Overall, it was an incredible session and I'm amazing (I could totally destroy you all in I SPY, the game, and the rebellion)

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