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Our team consists of 5 amazing individuals with their own unique skill sets. Together we make Spark the Spirit, the team it is. And of course, we would be incomplete without the support of our mentors and the community we have developed.

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Akkshansh Bagga

A 10th grader from Shiv Nadar School, you could say he is a master at graphic designing. From what I know by working with him, he has an amazing work ethic. For this team, he works on anything to do with designing. Be it making the ppt (templates and all), making our Instagram posts, this website, or just anything else. Other than just graphic designing. From his long list of achievements, I would like to highlight the fact that the Enterprise portfolio designed by him had won the award for the best portfolio in all of North India, so as nerdy as he looks, don’t take him lightly. Akkshansh also weighs in his views through heavy research and a practical viewpoint.


For some reason, he is also obsessed with squirrels so we have to deal with that too.

Akshat Jain

This guy specializes in robotics. Some (Akshat himself) would even say he is the teacher’s favourite student. He is supposed to be in charge of the technical integration of the project (especially the hardware). He innovates and applies what he has already learned to bring forth new ideas for the projects. Other than just work, he also entertains the group with his antics which range from mindless singing to embarrassing himself beyond imagination. Some of his major self proclaimed achievements are that he has learned Raspberry Pi (but if you can’t eat it, it is useless) and Arduino (which is another programmable mini-computer circuit board thingy). Other than robotics, he is also a major part of the ideation and is just a delight to have in the group.


His favorite song is ‘Re Mama Re Mama Re’. Ask him personally.



Yash is a great programmer. He has built his own ‘Siri’ called Yarvis (Tell me if you get it guys). Moreover, he has an obsession with Lame jokes, which I seem to enjoy, but I can’t say the same for the others. He is also working with Akshat, on tech integration. Together they know more programming languages than a normal person knows normal languages. He is also in charge of following up with all those people who he works with. So the next time you get a mail from us, you know who has written it.

Yash’s Next Great Idea: Have a live concert which is free for all to attend, but has an exorbitant exit fee (You will get it after you hear us sing).



How do I even describe her? Even though she is in Sound Production, she is rather the one who comes to all resolutions. If I had to use a fancy word to describe her, it would have to be ‘Public Relations Manager’. She is a very cheery person whom you will love to talk to when you decide to attend our club sessions. Further, she also weighs in on the topics with her innovative ideas. Instead of just working, she is also a master of procrastination.

And I can't emphasize enough on how much she loves the greek god Zeus.


Next time you talk to her just mention, “ Aryan says that Percy Jackson is better than Harry Potter” and see the magic happen. You will see…


Aryan misra

Hello there guys!!!

Thanks for reading till here. Now after all these amazing people you get to hear about me. I am Aryan. I help these guys in animation. Any prototype design and probable sensor positioning go through me. I also have an opinion on everything, be it related to our work or not. I research and give ideas and tweaks in both the social and technological aspects. Other than all this serious stuff, I love to irritate my teammates, crack jokes (the lame and inappropriate one, both) and get everyone around me angry. I make sure we make progress towards what we have to while keeping all meetings fun and interesting. So that’s me guys… and this is our team.



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